Sunday, May 7, 2017

Blog Entry #11

"Do you have an ethical obligation to keep the local community informed with accurate, up-to-date information? Why or why not? In a 250-300 word post on your class blog, explain your position on this question. "

In the situation described, I certainly think you have an ethical responsibility to the local community. Despite your company not selling a product locally, it is still a part of the community. It will almost certainly have people in the community who work at the company. In addition, in the United States, corporations are expected to help uplift the communities they are in (whether this happens in practice as much is debatable). It would, at a minimum, be in corporate's best interest to let you allocate some time to keeping the affected community appraised of the construction effects on the area. Your communications to the people who live in the area will certainly not go unnoticed.

Your corporation could stand to be negatively affected should you choose to not keep the community informed in a responsible manner. If your company is capable of causing enough displeasure in the area, there is a good chance you will hear about it from the local government. Since the people are the government in the USA, staying in their good graces is probably going to keep you in the local government's good graces. The local government has the power to make decisions that directly affect your company. Zoning laws, tax reliefs, and other ancillary benefits are all good reasons to be good to the folks around you.

I think the ethics of clear and timely communications, despite the extra effort involved, would be a net positive to all the parties involved in this situation. It's also just good to always strive to make the world a better place. If that's what you can do about a situation, that's the best path forward.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Blog Entry #10

TO: Walter Joss

Subject: Re: Proposal to Replace Advertising Agency


Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see many of the intriguing and insightful thoughts you have put forward. The work you have clearly put into your proposals shows a thoughtful consideration for the direction of both our department, and the company. I’ve always seen that you have a clear vision and purpose in your proposals.

I have read over your proposal suggesting that we look for a change in our advertising agency. The proposal describes a change in agencies as being needed for the company. It notes that the company does not have the expected level of communications with the agency anymore. It also suggests that the size of the agency we use is of concern.

After looking over your proposal, I am not convinced that a good justification is made for why the company would want to follow it. Switching advertising agencies will involve a substantial amount of resources. We would need to setup a relationship and communicate our strategy to the new agency. This would involve significant costs and time. The proposal notes only an unspecified communications problem with the current agency. It doesn’t specify the problems we have with a mismatch in agency size to our company. These two reasons don’t seem to provide the impetus needed for a reevaluation at this time. I don’t think this proposal provides the necessary reasons why we would want to do this.

If our company would be better served by another agency to handle our advertising, we will need to find solid reasoning to justify this. It may well be that our current agency is not responding to our needs as we would like. This should be examined further if you think it is justified.

Please consider taking a more substantive approach when creating a report to outline your thoughts on this matter. I’d like very much to see your reasoning, but with more details. Your input has always been appreciated and valuable. I am sure it will continue to be so in the future.



|| Matthew Seiwert | Engineering Lead | | 1-316-555-5555 ||

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Blog Entry #9

Which industries and job categories are forecast to experience the greatest growth—and therefore the greatest demand for workers—in the next 10 years.

I will assume that the focus of this question is on the United States. With that in mind, projecting the estimated demands of the labor market 10 years in advance is going to be only a reasoned guess. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is tasked with performing analysis that will try and model the next decade of demand for various jobs. It tries to estimate this by looking at population trends, technology trends, and extrapolation of the effects of current laws and government policy.

By far the largest growth of jobs will be in health services related work. This will be growth that is both larger in percent of the overall field, and of the volume of jobs created. According to the BLS projections, the top 5 occupations for growth from 2014 to 2024 are wind turbine service technicians, occupational therapy assistants, physical therapist assistants, physical therapist aides, and home health aides, in that order. Despite having the largest growth percentage wise at 108 percent, the wind turbine service field is only expected to increase from a volume of 4.4 thousand to 9.2 thousand in that period. This should be compared to the next field down on the list, occupational therapy assistants, which will increase by 42.7 percent over the same period. This will lead to a growth of 14.1 thousand positions in that field in the same time. The next few top jobs in the list are also projected to grow in the double-digit percentages. They will collectively add up to over almost 500 thousand jobs being created in the health care sector. (Employment Projections program, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

If the outlook for the growth in health care related jobs seems very robust, it is because it is relying on projected population trends in the United States. As the population hump of the baby boomer generation continues to advance in age, the demand for medical services will only increase. The BLS’s projections are anticipating an increasing demand for services from this segment of the population.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Blog Entry #8

Blog Entry #8

Information outline for concerns about campus parking situation. I went with the full sentence style, I wasn’t sure how else I would get to 250 words. I assumed we could make some details up for this post as well, to flesh it out.

I.              SAFETY CONCERNS
a.    Nighttime safety is lacking in areas.
                                          i.    The lighting is not considered to be adequate in public lots such as the one next to the computer center.
b.    Incidences of property damage have been on the rise in the public lots.
                                          i.    Students are reporting increased occurrences of damage to vehicles, such as keying, in the public lots.
c.     Concern about student safety in parking lots.
                                          i.    Non-college affiliated individuals are reportedly causing concern among students and staff in the public lots.
a.    Peak demand hours are short of adequate space for students.
b.    Premium reserved spots are often not occupied during peaking hours.
c.     There is an overall lack of space with respect to current enrollment levels.
d.    The painted markings on the lots are not very visible, leading to cross and double parking situations.
III.           CONFLICTS
a.    The parking lots are not using their allocated space in the most optimal way.
                                          i.    Many spots are taken up by motorcycles, leading to wasted space.
b.    There have been complaints of parking officers being disrespectful to customers of parking services.
c.     Some of the parking spaces are used by non-college affiliated people from the local area, leading to shortages.
IV.          COSTS
a.    The fees charged for parking privileges are thought to be too high for the service.
b.    The fees charged for parking privileges are thought to be disproportionate.
                                          i.    The fees assessed to students are not currently dependent on the time of day they use the parking lots.
                                         ii.    Students who take night classes are charged the same, even though they use the lots during off-peak hours.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Blog Post #7

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The difference that makes Hangers Cleaners special is the safe liquid carbon dioxide process we use in place of the harsh chemical treatments used in traditional dry cleaning. It’s safer for the clothes, safer for the employees, safer for the environment, and safer for you!

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Hangers Cleaners, for a truly different dry cleaning experience.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Blog Post #5

What did you learn about this organization that would help you write an application letter?

     The job posting I used for my resume was taken down as it looks to have been filled. I searched for a similar one to that, and found a job for an IT Security opening at the University of North Texas, in Denton, TX. Primarily I learned that they are a public higher education institution with an internal IT department. This is my background entirely.

What Internet sources did you use to obtain this information? Do you trust these sources? Why?

     I used their homepage and a job posting by them on their jobs portal. I am going to trust an original source.

What aspects of your background do you think might appeal to this company’s recruiters?

     Not only my experience in IT Security, but also my general background working in a public higher education system and environment is applicable. Higher education presents many unique challenges for IT due to the generally open nature of the campus networks and systems. IT professionals need to strike a balance between keeping confidential data and systems secure in a generally open and decentralized environment.

If you choose to apply for a job with this company, what keywords would you include on your resume/application letter? Why?

     I would choose the following keywords:

     Security awareness
     User training
     Incident response
     System administration
     Risk assessment
     Intrusion detection
     IT Services

     These terms reflect the core of my current experience. I still need to learn more about business continuity practices, so I would leave that one out. While some of my knowledge touches on concepts related to it, I haven’t had formal training or hands on experience with that area, and would not want to represent myself as such.

University of North Texas Homepage:

University of North Texas Job Portal:

Search under Job Title for IT Security Analyst I

Salary range is about $60k - $64k per Glassdoor.,45.htm

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Blog Post #04

Intrust Bank has a position for a Level 1 IT Security and Support Specialist. This position closely matches my current skill set and interests.

I have taken to focusing on the security related aspects of my desktop support job for a few years now. The environment I worked in had many issues related to a lack of proper security. These issues complicated the jobs of IT support personnel. The issues arising from the lack of security complicated normal workflow, and caused unnecessary time to be spent remediating these issues. A little more time and attention given to these security problems would greatly lower the workload stemming from these issues. This would in turn help make staff more effective at customer service, and give them time and resources to be more proactive.

The Intrust position covers many aspects of IT security with which I am already familiar. Analysis of the weakness of an IT system is one of the primary responsibilities. I have been up to this task for quite a while. I naturally tend to give a second glance to things which just don’t look right, or set off a sense of alarm in my mind. The more I learn about systems in general, the more I have been able to spot these errors in security. This is important for IT security work, because knowing what an abnormality looks like in your environment is critical to spotting them.

I have been responsible for digital forensics for several years. I have been certified in digital investigations on Windows PCs. Being able to communicate the results of an investigation in a report is critical to this field. It is also critical to understand incident response processes and best practices. Being able to spot abnormalities in your environment is useful in this area as well.

My previous role was a customer service oriented one. Concern for and attention to the needs of my clients was a priority. Their work must be balanced with the security related concerns in the environment. This means that risk must be minimized, while still allowing them to perform their job duties. This was a major aspect of what I had to do as a desktop support tech.

In addition to everything else, coordinating and cooperating with other teams in the IT department is a skill I have developed over the years. Desktop support is the nexus of many of the efforts across the department. It is the face that the client sees most often, so the desktop tech is an ambassador to them. Identification of issues on the client end must include directing them to the responsible party for resolution.

Keywords Applicable to this position:

Digital Forensics
Associate of ISC(2)
Incident Response

Level 1- IT Security & Support Specialist

From <>